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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage from Massachusetts Professionals

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles can be fun to own, but they come with certain inherent risks. Every person who mounts a bike assumes at least some level of physical risk to themselves, and this is in addition to theft, vandalism and other potential perils. Motorcycle insurance doesn’t prevent an accident or other incident from occurring, but having a policy in place can help riders in Massachusetts financially recover from the aftermath of a covered claim.

Motorcycle insurance policies are similar to car insurance policies in many ways, but there are some places where motorcycle policies have been adjusted to better meet the needs of riders and bike owners. For this reason, it’s important to look specifically for a motorcycle policy when insuring this type of vehicle.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs a Motorcycle Policy?

Generally speaking, most Massachusetts residents who own a motorcycle ought to carry this type of insurance. State law usually requires insurance to take any vehicle, including a motorcycle, out on public roads, and riders are dangerously exposed to possible risks if they don’t have coverage in place.

What Protections Are Included in Motorcycle Policies?

Motorcycle policies offered in Massachusetts generally must provide at least the same state-mandated minimum coverages that auto policies are required to offer, and many policies provide coverages beyond what’s minimally required. Some of the required and optional protections that motorcycle policies may offer include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which might protect against injuries that people not on a bike sustain
  • Personal Damage Liability Coverage, which might protect against damage that’s done to another party’s property
  • Personal Injury Protection, which might protect against injuries that people on an insured bike sustain
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverages, which might protect against damage that a bike itself sustains
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might protect against accidents caused by improperly insured drivers
  • Accessories and Custom Parts Coverage, which might cover aftermarket upgrades made to a bike
  • Personal Belongings Coverage, which might cover personal effects stored on a bike

An insurance agent who’s familiar with this type of insurance can help riders determine which protections make sense for their situation.

Are Motorcycle Policies Expensive?

Also like auto insurance policies, motorcycle policies vary in price depending on a number of different factors. Some of the items that can influence how much a policy costs include:

  • How a bike is classified
  • How large or small a bike is
  • Whether any upgrades have been made to a bike
  • How much riding experience the bike’s owner has
  • What coverages and deductibles are chosen

An independent insurance agent can help motorcycle owners find out exactly how much the coverages they need will cost to obtain. Unlike captive agents, independent agents are uniquely positioned to obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies. This lets riders easily see how much different companies will charge for a policy.

Do Motorcycles Need to Be Insured When They’re in Storage?

Sometimes riders are tempted to cancel their motorcycle policy when they put their bike into storage, thinking that this will help them save a little money. While canceling coverage does eliminate insurance premiums, it can eventually end up costing riders more.

If coverage is fully canceled, riders have no protection if their bike is damaged while in storage. They also may find premiums are higher in the future because there’s now a gap in their motorcycle coverage.

Rather than fully canceling a policy, adjusting a policy when a bike is taken in and out of storage is usually a wiser option. With a knowledgeable agent’s assistance, riders can often adjust coverages so that their bike is covered against damage while it’s stored and there’s no gap in protection. At the same time, premiums can usually be reduced by eliminating unnecessary protections for the time while the bike is stored and not driven.

How Can Riders Get Motorcycle Insurance?

For help insuring a motorcycle in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of Flavin & Flavin Insurance. Our agents have the expertise to help you determine what coverages you need in a motorcycle insurance policy and then, they can compare policies from multiple insurers to get you the best option.

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